We are caring majority rising.

Who We Are 

Caring Majority Rising is a political organization of people with disabilities, older adults, family caregivers, and home care workers.

We are organizing to build a sustainable and just caring economy. We call for greater investments in home and community-based care, as a necessary means to meet our broader goal of dignity, self-determination, access and justice for all.

Our goals are:

  • Make long-term care services and supports affordable and accessible to everyone who needs them to live independently— regardless of their ability to pay.

  • Improve the quality of long-term care jobs to provide liveable wages, benefits and safe working conditions.
  • Invest in the creation of the caregiving jobs that we need to meet our communities’ growing demand.
  • Mobilize our members to build our political power to transform our society into one that prioritizes care.
  • Ensure that voting is accessible and that everyone, regardless of their ability, is able to exercise their right to vote.
  • Ensure that all people have access to the resources they need to survive and thrive because no one is disposable. This includes but is not limited to affordable accessible integrated housing, healthcare (including mental health), reproductive justice, environmental justice, and fair employment practices.

“I go from rage to despair, always worrying that I’m going to be forced into an institution so many years after social workers fought for me to live outside in society.”

– Geri Mariano
Home Care Worker Employer

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“I have been in home care for the past 16 years, but my pay hasn’t increased at all.”

– Pauline
Home Care Worker

Job Opportunities


We are not currently hiring but we always welcome your resume and cover letter – please send to ilana@caringmajorityrising.org

“Benefits [for home care workers] are basically nonexistent, unless I want to spend my whole paycheck. If I did that, I wouldn’t be able to live.”

– Tyler Tunison, Home care worker

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Contact Us 

Ilana Berger

NY Political Director

ilana@caringmajorityrising.org, (347) 645-4255‬


Julia Solow

Lead NYS Organizer

julia@caringmajorityrising.org, (571) 232-0872


Myriam Hernández

Lead Home Care Worker Organizer

myriam@caringmajorityrising.org, ‭(914) 536-8082‬